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20 Jun 2017 - Jan 2020 (abandoned)



On this page, I present the current design process and implementation of Stay Warm_01: A puzzle platformer game. The following will outline the process and progress thus far.

This project was motivated by a desire to practice and improve my own coding techniques. It is a PC Desktop game created with the Unity Engine. It was intended to be one part of a two-part set of games connected via a storyline.

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What were the original ideas that sparked this project?

This is based on a simple story about a pair of seperated individuals who search for each other and encounter their own obstacles. One of them would face an impossible blizzard and could only rest at small temporary shelters. The second part would involve collecting letters that would follow the player like a trail of leaves. This project's goal is simply to expand upon my skills. Stay_Warm_01 implements the blizzard traveler's journey.

Brainstormed Ideas

The Result

W.I.P Photos/Sketches/Storyboards

Stage Generation Paper Prototypes

W.I.P Implementations

W.I.P Video Clips

Platform test
New Elements & Self-made graphics
Monster Animation
Minor Monster Animation
Fire Animation

Current Status

Jump through the puzzles quickly and try to avoid the cold! Find solace in the scattered spots of warmth yet never stop pushing forward. Only at the end will you uncover why you're here. Watch out! Dangerous creatures stand in your way...

Stages 1 - 4 Demo Release

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