Target Client

Casual Players Passing Time

People Involved

UI/UX Designers

Alessandra Huang, Janette Li

2D/3D Artist

Andre Wang


Maple(Runmiao) Shi


Irene Mayor


Sept 2019 - Dec 2019


Game Design

Clouds Awakening Trouble (C.A.T) is a block-stacking strategy game in which a player helps out a young witch to get back into her human form by helping her reach higher heights to regain her energy

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Final Prototype

Design Process and Play-Testing

Original Inspiration

Article Image

This project's concept was originally inspired by a performance artist that aimed at creating physical manifestations of the side-effects of air pollution in their city. We had originally started with this environmental messaging in mind with an engaging mechanic that would allow the player to explore around.

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Paper Prototype First!

Before development could begin, the mechanics had to be determined as engaging. We used Jenga blocks and our fellow cohort volunteers to play-test through the game simulated by our team. This determined necessary buttons and visual indicators as well rules and conditions to implement into code. We had a total of 16 user testers exploratory information.

The Big Pivot

Near the end semester, there was a planned pivot by our instructor. We were given the challenge of moving away from the environmental messaging, make it more random and spontaneous as well as incorporate monetization mechanics. Hence a buff system was incorporated quickly and a new main character was born. The game also received a rename from "Cloud Janitor" to "Clouds Awakening Trouble"

W.I.P Videos

The Result

Complete Gameplay