Overview of functioning game projects

Stay Warm_01 is a 2D puzzle desktop platformer game where players must brace the winds to continue pushing forward and seek warmth. This was a side-project to discover and learn the more advanced features of the Unity Engine. The main game loop is Move, Solve, Warm. All animations and graphics were also made by myself. While this project as an exercise has been completed there are plans to continue iterating upon its concept with newfound knowledge of Game Design.

Stay Warm

Clouds Awakening Trouble is a 2D third-person block stacking strategy mobile game focused on tower building block by block to reach higher heights. This was a team project alongside a diverse skillset of artists, designers and managers and developed using the Unity Engine. It was made to demonstrate the team's understanding of engaging game design principles. It is also intended to demonstrate UX/UI principles that originate from games but can be applied more broadly.

C. A. T

Endless Embers is an early Desktop Java Application 2D Roguelike game made with Slick2D Java Library. Escape from the dark pit your character has fallen into, get past frightning shadow monsters and figure you path out to the surface! The rough game loop is "Move, Uncover, Attack" though this was made more for applying Agile Development Process techniques than game design.

Endless Embers