Overview of recent experimental projects

A 3D simulation of an AR phone set-up for displaying a comic book style narrative using Unity Engine. This was an attempt at creating an innovative interactive storytelling experience while learning a new tool "Vuforia". Unfortunately due to COVID causing limited access to resources, as well as further external pressures with heavier credited work, a simulation had to be used instead. Nevertheless, the main goal was to communicate a narrative clearly. It focuses on utilizing visualization techiniques learned in the course to convey tensions and maintain user engagement.

Dungeons and Dividends

A conceptual future artifact and short story envisioning a potential near-future technology. They are based off existing Tangible User Interface technology that could mimic the force feedback of different surfaces based on programmed motors and panels. It tries to imagine how far that concept of multiple little pieces forming a single surface could go. At the same time, it explores the varied amount of interactions that could possible.

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