Make your home as active as you are with Toph Walls!



Recycled material composition and efficient solar-energy batteries


Multi-purpose and customizable for your unique home design


Cutting-edge technology for premium environments and experiences

Toph Walls

What are they? What can they do?

Use it for your gym room, your home office, your kids playroom...

... anywhere where you feel an actively moving wall could be of use. Toph walls are programmable linear panels that come in any size or style. They respond to gesture, touch and voice to change color and texture. Need a sturdy rock-climbing wall? This will do it. Need a soft wall to punch out your stress? Got it. Need something to easily change the decor of your room? No problem!

Never fading colors with structural coloration coating

Like the iridescent blue on the wings of most butterflies, the panels on Toph Walls do not contain a single pigment of color. Miraculous biomimicry nano-technology morphologically changes tiny structures on top of each panel to reflect and absorb certain colors. This process depicts the color that you see on our walls.

Reactive technology

Toph Walls not only senses you and its surroundings, but it can come alive and react in response. As people come and go around the room, the walls remain responsive to everyone's position. Toph Walls are by no means dormant. However, control is obtained and shared by nearness as well as first come first serve rules.

Actively morphing shapes

Mimicry is key to Toph Walls' ease of use. Once it detects a pattern with your work, it will try its best to copy you. Every part of the wall moves with nuance to its neighbours. Toph walls will shiver, shake and dance whenever, however you want. With customizable sized panels, the results can become all the more complex.

A spectrum of synthesized material

Don't be limited to one kind of the wall. Welcome a spectrum of materials. You don't want your children clumsily bumping into hard surfaces. Pull it out with all your might to set it hard as a rock or drag it out gently to make a spongy wall.

T.P.O Swarms: A mobile version of our walls

The Time Place Occasion Swarm is a cheap alternative to bringing Toph Wall capabilities to every corner of your house. They stretch outwards 5 feet more than Toph Walls! Never worry about falling down the stairs. T.P.O swarm is there!

Coming soon! The Garden T.P.O Swarm: bringing environment manipulability outdoors!

Robust and strong

Don't be too afraid of damaging our Toph Walls. They are the furthest thing from fragile! Our walls are smart and will react to handle most fast oncoming forces. Go ahead! Our walls can handle it!


Listen to the happy experiences of others!

Worth every cent! No more expensive renovations to change up the texture and look of your walls. I love that I can make awnings outside whenever the mood strikes me then painlessly take them down.

-Sarah Lynn

I got it to push my work towards me while I remained on the other side of the room. I can also create space above me to store items temporarily and remind me if I accidentially leave them there as I exit the room

-Patrick Starlisky

Never get bored with your ever-changing gymspace! The little ones love it too! Unleash their creativity with easy-to-use panels and encourage active lifestyles as they climb around their creations.

-Taylor McHominid


Here at the fOCUS Company, we're focused on your needs and concerns.

I have small children and/or active pets. Won't they get caught in all the moving parts?

Our technology comes with many diligent sensors dedicated to your loved ones' safety. All mechanisms will stop once any obstruction is detected.

How long do Toph Walls last?

We believe in technology that fights obsoletion. Panels have lasted up to 20 years with minimal maintenance and are projected to last longer. Our Toph walls can withstand a good chunk of damage short of gunshots.

How much does it cost for maintenance and repairs?

We are so certain about the quality of our technology that we offer free 24/7 repair and maintenance services for the first four years. We do house visits with professionally trained technical support. Replacements arising from malfunctions are also free!

I'm not good with technology. How easy is it to use?

Don't worry! Interactions with this technology is like fingerpainting on the walls. There are no mistakes and it follows a touch & play model. It mimics whatever you give back to it so you can feel your way through the controls. If that doesn't soothe your worries, we can also train it to respond to custom voice commands.

Packages we offer

Toph Wall

Deck out that one special room and stay within your budget! Not only is it customizable but it can support up to 200lbs around a single panel's edges.

$ 5999 /wall
  • Up to 38 feet high

  • Strength limit 200 lbs

  • Panels customizable sizes

  • Free 24/7 Support services 4 years

T.P.O Swarm

Create an active wall anywhere around your house! Each swarm contains 500 fully-equipped intelligent small bots capable of carrying 4-times their weight.

$ 14999 /swarm
  • Up to 12 feet high

  • Strength limit 10 lbs

  • A.I robust problem solvers

  • Free 24/7 Support services 6 years

T.P.O Swarm + Toph Wall

Want both the mobile aptitude of the swarms and the sturdiness of the walls? You save over 100$ each when you buy in pairs. Don't need that large of a swarm? Let us know and we can make a special deal for you.

$ 16999 /pair
  • Up to 50 feet high

  • All previous benefits of swarm + walls

  • Strength limit 200 lbs/wall 10 lbs/swarm

  • Symbiotic compatibility of Toph Walls and T.P.O Swarms

  • Free 24/7 Support services10 years

Let's go and make your home alive!